ASI Punchout Catalog Extension

Enable your ASI store with Greenwing’s punchout connector. Our connection works by integrating an ASI eCommerce catalog to an ERP or eProcurement system.  It works as a gateway connecting the transfer of cart and order information, and it allows the systems to communicate seamlessly.  If you sell to universities, hospitals, government and other large institutions, punchout may be an option for new sales opportunities.



  • Easy installation & configuration – Setup support from Greenwing provided.
  • Punchout Authentication – Allow the user to authenticate directly from their procurement system.
  • Punchout Cart Return – Direct integration of shopping cart data for procurement and ERP systems.
  • Compatible with any platform supporting cXML or OCI – Easily connect to over 100 eProcurement platforms.
  • Customize pricing to each buying organization – Provide different pricing and products to the specific buying organization e
  • Support various product types – Simple, customizable, grouped, and configurable products.

What is a punchout catalog?


Contact Us to Punchout Enable your ASI Software Store



How the extension works

The extension adds punchout catalog capability with over 100 eProcurement platforms including Ariba, Coupa, Jaggaer, Ivalua, Workday, Oracle, and many more. Connectivity via cXML, OCI, XML and xCBL is fully supported. The Greenwing Technology eProcurement Hub is delivered SAAS and allows the mapping and configuration of all eProcurement platforms. If your customer needs to connect directly from their e-Procurement system to your ASI store the eProcurement Hub will bring that capability. Your customer will be able to shop in the same way they have previously only directly connected via the punchout interface this extension adds to ASI.


Connect to 100’s of eProcurement platforms


How do I get started?

Contact Greenwing Technology to get started.

What are my fees?

There is a setup fee to integrate the punchout connector to your buyer and there is a monthly management fee for connector updates and maintenance.

Can I use the punchout extension to connect to multiple customers?

Absolutely!  As long as your customers are using an eProcurement or ERP system with the standard cXML or OCI spec connecting your catalog is easy.

Does Greenwing Technology help with the integration process?

Yes, one of Greenwing’s customer success managers will guide you through the entire process of setting up your ASI store to integrating with your customer.




To get started contact as using the form below or call us at 1-877-415-3237.

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