When you sell to universities, corporations and other large institutions you may be asked to create a flat catalog called a hosted catalog or CIF catalog. The eProcurement system allows you to upload a list of products or services for your customer so they can shop quickly and easily. The hosted catalog has both positives and negatives as a catalog option:

Positive Negative
Quick Searching for Buyer No User Shopping Experience
Buyer Can Compare Products Can cause competition based on price alone
Limited Product Details
Buyer Must Manually Approve all Pricing (causes delays in loading)
No Inventory Information
Limited (or no) product image information

Creating one file is somewhat simple, creating one for every university or corporation came take up a significant amount of time. The simple solution is to pair your hosted catalog with a Punchout Catalog. Punchout Catalogs from Greenwing Technology include the ability to export to all major eProcurement catalog file formats including Ariba CIF, SciQuest Hosted Catalog and Unimarket. By allowing Greenwing to manage your eProcurement catalogs, you save staff time preparing the files and ensure accurate files are uploaded, regardless of the eProcurement platform.

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