eProcurement Solutions

E-Procurement Punchout Catalogs

punchout catalogWe provide a completely managed punchout-enabled solution for your organization. Our platform is built from the ground up to flexible and support rapid deployment of your customers. Instead of spending months of time and resources we can simplify the process by providing all the integration support you need. We work directly with your customer to connect you to their e-procurement system.

Our platform not only connects to almost every e-procurement system, but also allows you to deploy multiple buyers in the same system. That means only one inventory to manage for all your customers. Once you become Punchout enabled, deploying new suppliers is quick and easy. Our timeline is measured in weeks, not months or even years! We encourage you to announce that you are punchout-enabled to all of your customers and even use it when talking with new customers. The technology will no longer be barrier, it will be an enabler that allows you to increase customer retention, simplify billing and reduce overhead on all transactions.

Our Process

We work with your staff to obtain your product inventory and convert it to our web-enabled, punchout catalog platform. The next step is working with your customer to establish communications between their e-procurement system and our punchout platform. Once we establish communications we go through a testing phase when the system is put through a rigorous quality assurance process. Upon completion of the testing phase we request promotion to the live marketplace. Once you are promoted to live (marketplace) you will be immediately available in their e-procurement system and orders will start flowing in.

Compete in New Markets

Connecting to e-procurement systems used to be only available for large multi-national companies because of the technological barriers. By bringing down the costs of development we have made Punchout Catalogs cost-effective and a practical option for any size organization. Whether bidding on new contracts or just talking to new buyers, saying you are “Punchout Enabled” will give you a competitive advantage. Almost every major corporation, hospital and university uses e-procurement so by being Punchout enabled you will open your organization to markets you may have never considered.