Frequently Asked Questions for Buyers

What does the supplier need to do to setup a punchout catalog?

To setup a punchout catalog all a supplier needs to do is provide their product data; product titles, description, pricing, etc. and our team does the rest (similar to a hosted/CIF catalog file). 

Check out this quick 2 minute video to explain how the process works:

Do you offer resources for suppliers?

Yes.  We have videos explaining eProcurement, punchout catalogs, electronic purchase orders and invoicing.  As a buyer you may work with eProcurement on a daily basis, but your suppliers may not be as familiar.  We even have a resource book for suppliers detailing all of this information — including a glossary of terms.

Why partner with us?

We reduce the stress and headache of integrating suppliers that may not have the expertise — a supplier may have never even heard of eProcurement.  Our team works directly with you and your eProcurement provider to ensure a seamless integration including punchout catalog integration, electronic purchase order delivery to the supplier and e-invoicing.  We’ve connected to over 50 different eProcurement platforms over the past 15 years so you can rest easy that your integration will go smoothly.

Read what North Carolina State University has to say about working with us.

Is there a cost to my organization to work with Greenwing?

No.  There is no cost to the buyer’s organization, the only cost is to the supplier.

How do I introduce suppliers to Greenwing?

Introducing suppliers to Greenwing is easy, simply use our form, send us an email or give the supplier our contact information.