Punchout Level 2 Catalogs

Punchout Catalogs give suppliers the ability to connect to eProcurement systems and still control the product marketing message, such as up sells on the main page. PunchOut Catalogs also allow suppliers to present their products like a full-featured ecommerce web site unlike the hosted catalog.

This makes is easier for buyers to find more information about a product including multiple images, which hosted catalogs typically can’t offer. Buyers can also select from multilevel or custom pricing and other interactive functions and features not available through hosted catalogs.

Normal Punchout Catalogs (without level II capability) only provide search within the punchout catalog and not the e-Procurement system itself.‚  Although they still make it easier for the buyer to make a buying decision with more information, the buyer has to learn navigate through different punchout catalogs to find the item they are searching for.

Level 2 Punchout Catalogs allow buyers to use the search functionality of their procurement application to search for products without leaving the e-Procurement system. The search results display products found in your Punchout Catalog and provide a way to jump directly to an individual item instead of repeating the search once landing in the Punchout Catalog.

The buyer can then either return to the e-Procurement application with the selected item in their requisition or continue browsing your Punchout Catalog for other products.

If your buyer requires level 2 Punchout (also known as Level II Punchout) contact us today at 1-877-415-3237.

e-Procurement Platforms supporting Level 2 Punchout: