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For more than 15 years, Greenwing Technology has been helping companies of all sizes implement Punchout Catalogs and connect to eProcurement systems with its custom built punchout connectors.

The Power Of Punchout Catalogs

Businesses that have launched a punchout catalog with us have found that not only do they get paid faster and maintain control over inventory, but they also retain more customers.

By offering the flexibility of a punchout catalog, your customers will be happier and less likely to search out your competition.

If you need to:

  • Implement a Punchout catalog fast because a client is asking you to do so.
  • Implement Punchout in the near future.
  • Integrate one of your suppliers into your eProcurement system.
  • Develop a new integration or connector for your unique case and platform.

Greenwing Technology is here to help.

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Greenwing’s Punchout Solutions

Whether you need to develop a new punchout catalog or a hosted solution or need help with electronic invoicing or any other buyer solution, our experienced team can help.

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Punchout Catalog Solutions for Every Type Of organization

Punchout connectors for all major eCommerce platforms

eCommerce Platform Logos

Keep your enterprise buyers happy and start selling today! Connect your eCommerce website to over 120+ ERP and eProcurement systems using one of our connectors.

Punchout Catalog API for custom eCommerce platforms

Punchout Catalog API

Greenwing Technology’s punchout API allows you to add punchout catalog capability to your custom ecommerce platform.  Our API includes electronic PO and Invoice integration to allow full automation of the ordering process.

Greenwing Technology Managed Punchout Platform

Managed Punchout Platform
If your organization does not sell online already but needs a punchout catalog quickly, the Greenwing Technology Managed Punchout platform is a perfect fit.

How Do Punchout Catalogs Work?

  • It connects your products with your customer(s) e-Procurement system for a seamless experience.
  • Your customer(s) can easily order from your organization with the click of a button.
  • It reduces human errors and cuts purchasing time significantly to make your and your customer’s lives easier.

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What Is A Punchout Catalog?

A punchout catalog is an eCommerce website that allows an institutional buyer to buy from a supplier directly from their electronic procurement system.

Institutional buyers such as universities, corporations and hospitals purchase procurement software to control their financial spending.

By allowing their buyers to connect to their procurement applications via Punchout Catalogs they allow the individual buyers (ex.: a facilities manager ordering soap for restrooms, a lab technician ordering beakers) to place requests for items, but put the approval process with management.

Suppliers still deal directly with the same end user, but very often orders are faster and more accurate.

Many procurement applications also use catalog interchange format (CIF) catalogs, which are less flexible than full punchout catalogs.

Large business bridge to ecommmerce
Punchout Catalog, eProcurement, cXML concept

The core of Punchout catalog communication is a universal standard called Commerce Extensible Markup Language or cXML. cXML and the Punchout mechanism was developed by the industry group. cXML is a standardized language that allows electronic transactions to be completed in a quick and efficient standard.

When a user enters your Punchout catalog credentials are sent to authenticate the user. These credentials uniquely identify the buyer and individual logged into the catalog. After reaching your punchout catalog the buyer can shop and add items to their shopping cart. When they are ready to check out, they simply click the checkout button and their shopping cart is transferred back to the procurement application.

What can a Punchout Catalog do for your business?


By maintaining your own catalog you can eliminate the need for updating hosted catalogs across numerous buyers. All of your buyers simply connect to your Punchout catalog and get their specific pricing information.


Because your punchout catalog is maintained at your location, the pricing information, shipping discounts and product availability can be controlled and stay up to date. If you discontinue a product you can remove it instantly instead of waiting for a product update on the buyer side which could take days.


By using Punchout your buyer may offer you the ability to accept purchase orders and submit invoices electronically. This allows buyers to have accurate POs and invoices, but generally you as the supplier get paid faster. Some of our clients have seen receivable terms go from 60 day payment terms to 3 day payment terms via EFT.


A punchout catalog allows you to control the look and feel of the user shopping experience. Instead of a grid layout like a hosted catalog, a Punchout can look exactly like your existing website, giving users a familiar look they have become accustomed to.


Our clients that have become punchout enabled have found that not only do they get paid faster, maintain control over inventory, but they also retain more customers. By offering the flexibility of a punchout catalog, your buyer is less likely to search out your competition.

If a punchout catalog seems right for your organization contact us at 1-877-415-3237 or use the form below.

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The Greenwing team helped us quickly create a professional punchout catalog.

The process was much faster and easier than we anticipated, and they did a great job answering all of our questions and helping us from start to finish.

Brenda Clifton

Marketing Manager, ByteSpeed

After reviewing eight other punchout suppliers, we decided to partner with Greenwing Technology, because they took the time to fully understand our multitude of requirements. They were able to clearly explain, and even recommend, the solutions needed to address each of our challenges, end-to-end. Jeremy Friedman and his team have been responsive since day one, and Greenwing continues to be our trusted partner for all our punchout needs. Their developers are US-based, and have met all of our requirements on time and within budget. We are privileged to work with the outstanding team at Greenwing!

Karen Y.

Manager, Support Services, Unicom Government

As a small company with limited back-end e-procurement knowledge, it was a blessing to have Jeremy and the team at Greenwing represent Fidelity as we integrated our portal with a major corporation. Working with Greenwing, our project was completed in a professional and timely manner and we came off looking like a pro.

Michael S.

President , Print Fidelity