For the customer that fully embraces e-Procurement, cXML and order automation the next natural step in the world of Punchout Catalogs is the cXML Order Confirmation Messages. When a Purchase Order is transmitted to your order processing system the purchase is received and accepted. At that point, your client knows the Purchase Order has been released, but doesn’t know what happens next. Has the order been received? Is it being processed? Your client may want to know when changes to the order occur. The answer is the order confirmation message. There are two ways to handle order confirmation messages:

  • Email Order Confirmation Messages
  • cXML Order Confirmation Messages

Email order confirmation messages are as simple as they sound, when an order change occurs an email notification is sent directly to the person who ordered.

For certain clients an order confirmation message sent via cXML might be a requirement. Order Confirmation messages are sent when an order change happens such as: order received into your financial/ERP system, an update to tax or shipping cost. This allows the client to capture and track the information in their e-Procurement system.

Sample cXML Order Confirmation:

<?xml version=&quot;1.0&quot; encoding=&quot;UTF-8&quot;?>
<cXML timestamp=&quot;YYYY-MM-DDƒš¬žTƒš¬žHH:mm:ssZ&quot; payloadID=&quot;[payloadID]&quot;>
      <Credential domain=&quot;DUNS&quot;>
        <Identity>[Supplier Identifier or DUNS]</Identity>
      <Credential domain=&quot;DUNS&quot;>
        <Identity>[Customer Identifier or DUNS]</Identity>
      <Credential domain=&quot;DUNS&quot;>
        <Identity>[Supplier Identifier or DUNS]</Identity>
        <SharedSecret>[Shared Secret]</SharedSecret>
      <UserAgent>[User Agent]</UserAgent>
      <ConfirmationHeader type=&quot;detail&quot; operation=&quot;new&quot; noticeDate=&quot;YYYY-MM-DD&quot; confirmID=&quot;[PO Number in Your System]&quot;/>
      <OrderReference orderID=&quot;[POID]&quot; orderDate=&quot;YYYY-MM-DD&quot;>
        <DocumentReference payloadID=&quot;[payloadID from Original PO]&quot;/>
      <ConfirmationItem lineNumber=&quot;[lineNumber from Original PO]&quot; quantity=&quot;[Qty]&quot;>
        <ConfirmationStatus type=&quot;[Status]&quot; quantity=&quot;[Qty]&quot; shipmentDate=&quot;YYYY-MM-DD&quot;>
            <Money currency=&quot;USD&quot;>[UnitPrice]</Money>
            <Money currency=&quot;USD&quot;>[Tax Charge]</Money>
            <Description xml:lang=&quot;en&quot;>[Description of Tax Charges]</Description>
            <Money currency=&quot;USD&quot;>[Shipping Charge]</Money>
            <Description xml:lang=&quot;en&quot;>[Description of Shipping Charges]</Description>