e-Procurement has always been about automating the corporation’s, university’s, hospital’s or government’s purchasing department. They can shop via a punchout catalog and deliver orders electronically, but does the supplier benefit from all this automation? We believe this automation needs to extend to the supplier — starting with importing your orders into Quickbooks.

Greenwing Technology offers the ability to import cXML, XML or EDI sales orders into your Quickbooks desktop software. This plugin directly integrates with our punchout catalog or eProcurement Hub so all orders can now be imported in your Quickbooks software. Your customers can be using SciQuest, Ariba, Coupa, Oracle or any other e-Procurement system, but you’ll always get the same information downloaded to Quickbooks.

When your customer sends you an electronic purchase order your order team is notified via email that a new order has arrived. With our new Quickbooks integration in addition to the email notification we also queue the order to be sent to Quickbooks to be imported. When you are ready to import the orders into Quickbooks you simply load Quickbooks and our web connector and click the Update button. All the new orders will be automatically imported into Quickbooks as Sales Orders.

How are orders mapped to customers?

When each order is imported, we search by customer name. If the customer name has a match the user will be assigned to the proper account. If there is no match for the customer name a new customer will be created and the sales order assigned to it automatically.

Is there any software to install?

Yes, we will need you to purchase and install Transaction Pro, the 3rd party import/export tool that allows us to import or export data from Quickbooks Desktop or Online.

Is there a limit to the number of customers or sales orders I can import?

No, there is no limit to the number of customers or sales orders you can import.

How do I get started?

To learn more about importing your e-Procurement orders into Quickbooks call 1-877-415-3237 or contact us today.