Greenwing Technology is proud to announce a Punchout Catalog solution for all Magento users. Magento, a popular ecommerce platform is used by many organizations, but when the need for a punchout catalog arrives there have always been limited options with even fewer supporting a full integration to include PO and e-Invoicing. magento-graphic


Why Magento?

We have a lot of power in our suite of applications; punchout, PO, e-invoicing and more. However, many of our clients run Magento as their main e-commerce platform and want their platform to talk to their punchout catalog. Our work with Magento started when a client requested that we export their product information from their Magento catalog. Our team built a plugin that exports all of their products, categories and images out of Magento and allows us to automatically import them into punchout platform. This allowed the client to keep their products up to date in one place and then automatically send that same product information over to the punchout catalog on a daily basis.

Handling electronic purchase orders?

The shopping experience is usually just the first phase of a punchout catalog. The second phase is the delivery of the purchase order, which converts the shopping cart into an order. Now that we have the product information flowing from the Magento catalog into our punchout, we needed to get the purchase order back into Magento. Since our system already natively supports electronic purchase orders (via cXML, XML or EDI), we simply needed to build a bridge back to Magento. So when an order arrives to our system we then perform an API call that pushes the order back to Magento within seconds. Then the user can simply fulfill/ship the order as they would any other order in the Magento system.

What about electronic invoicing?

The final piece of the puzzle on an order is getting that order paid for — in our world that means electronic invoicing. If your buyer supports electronic invoicing (known as e-invoicing) we offer a plugin for Magento to manage that process as well. When ready you can select the items to be invoiced and push them directly to your buyer. No third party invoicing platform is required, it all connects to one centralized system. The true power of the plugin is allowing you the simplicity of editing the products in one place (Magento) and having a fully managed punchout application run by our team. The Greenwing Technology Magento Punchout Catalog Integration method works in a very simple fashion.

First, our team installs our Magento product feed export. This allows all of your product data (titles, descriptions, images) to flow to our punchout catalog system that is connected to over 50 different e-Procurement platforms. Second, we configure our order import system so all purchase orders sent by your customers are automatically imported into your Magento catalog. To complete the cycle, we can even offer e-invoicing so you can have invoices sent out of your Magento catalog.

To learn more about Greenwing Technology’s Magento Punchout Catalog solution call 1-877-415-3237 or contact us today.