Request A Punchout Catalog Demo

Greenwing Technology offers an end to end Punchout Catalog development that integrates with all e-Procurement systems. Draft cart, electronic quoting, electronic purchase orders and invoices are all included at no additional cost.

Our Punchout offering provides you with:

  1. Punchout compatible ecommerce Store and Quoting solution
  2. Fully Compatible with all e-Procurement systems
  3. You can add any number of punchout catalogs for your customers through the same B2B eCommerce Store.
  4. The same eCommerce store can have both Punchout and non Punchout customers.
  5. We provide complete flexibility for any new customization required in the Punchout.

Call us today 1-877-415-3237 to request an online demonstration, or simply fill out the form to your right.

Sample Catalog Screens:

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ƒš‚ product-detail-thumbsearch-1-thumbcart2-thumbcheckout-1-thumb