Punchout Catalog Training

If your organization has a strong IT department, but have never implemented a Punchout Catalog before, consider our training program.ƒš‚  We offer punchout catalog training classes on a one-on-one or group basis.ƒš‚  We can train your technical team on cXML Punchout, cXML PO delivery and cXML Invoicing.ƒš‚  We can even train your sales team on selling Punchout-capability to your buyers.

Topics Covered

  • What is a Punchout Catalog?
  • How do we implement a Punchout Catalog?
  • How does our sales team sell punchout catalogs to our buyers?
  • What is cXML?
  • What is a CIF catalog?
  • What is the difference between Punchout and CIF catalogs?
  • What is a cXML Purchase Order?
  • What are the options for Electronic Invoicing?
  • What if my customer requires Level 3 and Purchasing Card (P-Cards)?