Serving the hospitality industry has it’s own unique set of challenges. More and more hospitality companies are using procurement software to simplify purchasing across their different brands. Each hotel brand may have specific requirements for logos, sizes and colors and using procurement software helps the hotel company ensure the proper products are ordered for each hotel property.

The Greenwing Technology punchout catalog allows you to load products by hotel brand with specific pricing, categories and logos. The catalog is individualized to each brand so a brand that only needs towels and linens would only see those categories. A brand that only buys pens and paper would only see those respective categories.

How can a punchout catalog help my organization?

Punchout catalogs allow a buyer at the hotel, restaurant or other buying organization directly connect to your products or services. A hidden benefit of a punchout catalog is automation. You’ll get purchase orders faster and even get paid faster with electronic invoicing.

Now let’s mMeet our very own eProcurement superhero punchout catalog man, to learn more about how eProcurement and punchout catalogs work.

What do I need to setup a punchout catalog?

Watch our simple two minute video to see how easy we make the setup process.

A few of the eProcurement platforms that the hospitality industry uses are:

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