Your customer has successfully added items to the Punchout shopping cart and returned it to the e-Procurement system. What happens when the user needs to change their requisition? The way to handle a change is via the Punchout Edit operation. The Punchout Edit operation is similar to a Punchout Setup Request, but sends additional data that allows the Punchout Catalog to identify the user and shopping cart.

By allowing the user to change their requisition within the Punchout Catalog you keep the requisition up to date and maintain accurate records for the shopping cart. If your customer issues a Purchase Order electronically you can match the purchase order against the shopping cart to track how users use the system.

The edit operation includes the item information (name, SKU, quantity) that were in the requisition and something called a supplier part auxilliary ID (or “SPAID” as it is often called). The supplier part auxilliary ID is the shopping cart identifier that the Punchout Catalog sent in the original Punchout Order Message.

Some eProcurement systems support a third type of operation called inspect. The inspect operation allows a user to view a shopping cart requisition without the ability to make changes.

Greenwing Technology’s Punchout Catalogs fully support Punchout Edit and Inspect operations. To find out how to simplify your eProcurement integrations, contact Greenwing Technology at 1-877-415-3237.

Punchout Edit Operation Example

<cXML payloadID=&quot;1433873861467.140797069@customer-eprocurement-system&quot; 
timestamp=&quot;2015-06-17T09:15:00-05:00&quot; version=&quot;1.2.025&quot; xml:lang=&quot;en&quot;>
      <Credential domain=&quot;NetworkID&quot;>
     <Credential domain=&quot;NetworkID&quot;>
     <Credential domain=&quot;NetworkID&quot;>
      <UserAgent>eProcurement-System 1.0</UserAgent>
<Request deploymentMode=&quot;production&quot;>
  <PunchOutSetupRequest operation=&quot;edit&quot;>
      <Extrinsic name=&quot;UserEmail&quot;>[email protected]</Extrinsic>
    <Extrinsic name=&quot;Department&quot;>Engineering</Extrinsic>
    <Extrinsic name=&quot;UniqueName&quot;>JSMITH</Extrinsic>
    <ItemOut lineNumber=&quot;1&quot; quantity=&quot;2&quot;>
    <ItemOut lineNumber=&quot;2&quot; quantity=&quot;7&quot;>