Another piece to the puzzle that is e-Procurement and Punchout Catalogs are units of measure or UOM. Units of measure are used by e-Procurement and Punchout Catalogs to identify the item being ordered. Common units of measure are EA for Each, BX for Box and CS for case. Depending the e-Procurement system your customer uses they have a different requirements. For example, many Oracle systems require “EACH” instead of “EA”. Ariba systems very often do not have “UN” (Unit) as a unit of measure. Some customers may require a list of units of measure, which can be generated via the Greenwing Technology Punchout Catalog administrator.
Greenwing Technology Punchout Administrator - Unit of Measure Download

The unit of measure is returned to the e-Procurement system in the Punchout Catalog shopping cart order message and if you receive cXML Purchase Orders electronically will be part of the Purchase Order too. This helps identify if a customer ordered one case or one item if the product part number is the same for both types of packaging.

Some common units of measure used in e-Procurement systems:

  • BX – Box
  • CH – Container
  • CN – Can
  • CQ – Cartridge
  • CS – Case
  • CT – Carton
  • CY – Cubic Yard
  • EA – Each
  • FT – Foot
  • HR – Hour
  • IN – Inch
  • LF – Linear Foot
  • LN – Length
  • PC – Piece
  • PK – Pack
  • QT – Quart
  • SH – Sheet
  • TB – Tube
  • UN – Unit

To find out how to classify your items by units of measure, contact us today at 1-877-415-3237.