One of the many popular features built into our Punchout Catalog is the e-quote system. We have two quoting options:

1. Send A Quote

Your sales rep visits your buyer and takes the order information. The sales rep then returns to the office and builds the shopping cart in the Punchout Catalog. When they are done they send the quote number directly from the Punchout Catalog to the buyer via email. The email to the buyer includes specific information on how to retrieve the quote in the Punchout Catalog.

2. Request a Quote

Let’s say your buyer wants to purchase 1000 packages of widgets. They add 1000 to their shopping cart, but they are unsure about a volume discount. When the buyer is ready to checkout they click the “Request A Quote” button. This sends a quote request with all the details to the account manager with specific notes from the buyer. The account manager then updates the pricing and turns it into a quote to then send back to the buyer. The buyer then uses the quote number in the Punchout Catalog to return the shopping cart and place the order.

If your buyers need e-Quote capability contact us today to find out how to implement a Punchout Catalog with e-Quote build in.