Designed primarily as a subscription based, hosted SaaS product for business owners who don’t want to build an online store from scratch, BigCommerce provides an impressive array of options for B2B merchants. BigCommerce’s include a selection of dozens of templates, a drag and drop page builder, full content management (CMS), professional reporting features, and the ability to integrate with over 65 payment gateways. For its more technologically advanced users, BigCommerce even offers the ability to customize the HTML and CSS of its online stores.

When it comes to connectivity BigCommerce offers a robust API and App Marketplace that allows BigCommerce users add on features from other developers. For those B2B customers looking to add punchout catalog connectivity to connect with e-Procurement systems, Greenwing’s Punchout Catalog App brings over 100 different e-Procurement system integrations all in one place. BigCommerce customers are afforded an additional resource in the form of a cloud-based platform that sits between their customer and their ecommerce system, streamlining communication and improving the process time for orders.

Furthermore, Greenwing’s Punchout Catalog receives and transmits data in a variety of formats, including cXML and OCI. Additional benefits of utilizing a Punchout Catalog include an increase in order accuracy, since the automatic processing eliminates the possibility of human errors. As a result, this often helps customers save on costs associate with order processing errors, leading to greater customer retention. Punchout enablement also provides Suppliers with a competitive advantage when bidding for business with Buyers who require the use of a Punchout, which also allows for a faster integration.

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