As the highest rated cloud based eCommerce platform, Shopify offers B2B and B2C businesses an inexpensive, easy to manage interface. When paired with Greenwing Technology’s Shopify Punchout App, B2B Shopify customers are able to expand their business’ capabilities to conducting business with their customers via a Punchout Catalog. This allows buyers to have the same seamless experience that they are accustomed to, but with the ability to transaction directly in their e-Procurement platform via a punchout catalog.

For B2B business owners (and web developers), Shopify provides a great base, but additional features that aren’t built in are often needed as well. One feature to consider is connecting to a customer using an e-Procurement system. Greenwing’s Shopify Punchout plugin fulfills this need by directly connecting your customer’s e-Procurement system so your customer can conveniently make purchases from your organization. Your customers will be able to see products, pricing and a full shopping experience that is tailored to them.

Since the organization is linked together by each customer’s registered email address, they will receive a personal greeting each time they log into the punchout catalog. Additionally, each customer will have the ability to build a shopping cart, transfer the cart into their procurement system, turn their selection into a requisition and finally turn that requisition a purchase order. The Greenwing Shopify Punchout App brings over 100 e-Procurement platforms to a single storefront to simplify the integrations with your customer. The plugin natively supports cXML, XML and OCI connections.

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