eProcurement has seen a tremendous amount of change and growth since the 1990s. There are well over 100 platforms used by businesses and organizations around the world, and it’s a very competitive market. We listed six of the top eProcurement platforms that we connect to, and we discuss the businesses and industries they serve.

Reigning as one of the of the original eProcurement companies that helped launch the language of cXML, Ariba is a cloud-based eProcurement platform that primarily focuses on large corporate clients. They serve much of the fortune 2000 market but also have many government and university customers. Ariba navigated the Dot Com bubble in 2001 and sold to SAP in 2010 for several billion dollars.

Built on Amazon Web Services’ network, Coupa’s global Business Spend Management technology brings a robust array of fully connected financial apps to the eProcurement platform arena. It is usually Ariba’s main competition to and services much of the same market. Coupa went public a few years ago and has not looked back.

Known formerly as SciQuest to its long-term users, Jaggaer is one of the world’s fastest full SaaS eProcurement systems. They dominate the University and Life Science markets and are rapidly expanding into other business industries. They have become a brand name in the procurement world due in large part because of their great suite of products and their service to their customers.

Distinguishing itself as taking the “Service” in Software-as-a-Service to heart, Unimarket has expanded, over the last 15 years, out of its home region of Australia/New Zealand to provide its unique brand of user friendly, e-Procurement software globally. Unimarket has focused on providing its customers cloud-based cost management and sourcing solutions.

Oracle iProcurement
Similar to Oracle Exchange, Oracle iProcurement is a self-servicing application that is generally installed rather than a hosted on a network like Oracle Exchange. Furthermore, Oracle iProcurement provides its customers with a web-based shopping experience that allows Purchasing departments to monitor and control employee spending, while allowing employees a preset framework to create and manage orders. Greenwing Technology Punchout Catalogs natively support all Oracle iProcurement cXML interfaces, including cXML Punchout, cXML Purchase Order and cXML Invoicing.

Paramount Workplace
Provides a complete procure to pay solution for organizations in many industries that is more cost effective than Ariba or Coupa. It’s built for SMB that may not have a billion dollars in spend but need a comprehensive platform. Paramount works with everyone from sports teams to hospitals to agriculture to higher education. We connect with Paramount via punchout catalogs and electronic ordering via cXML.