User Favorites For Punchout Catalogs

Let’s say you have a buyer at a university that orders the same few items on a regular basis. While our Punchout Catalogs have many features including a quick quote, quick order by SKU and a powerful search engine, is there a way for the system to remember user-specific items? This is where user favorites come in.


When a user arrives at your Punchout Catalog, they send a few pieces of information including credentials, users’ name , users’ email address and users’ phone number. When the user lands in the Punchout Catalog we know what buyer they are coming from and their email address so we allow the user to save items to a favorites list.

When a user is ready to add items to their shopping cart, they simply click the “Add To Cart” button and the item is added to their shopping cart. This is a great feature that many universities, hospitals and corporations all request when adding new suppliers to their eProcurement system.