My role as a sales professional is broad and carries multiple hats. You have to roll with the punches and keep a positive attitude, which can be difficult when things are not going your way. Being flexible, open to criticism, and receptive to change is essential. It’s important at a company like Greenwing Technology, which is growing exponentially every year.

I start my day early. As the saying goes, “The early bird gets the worm.” My alarm usually goes off at 4:30 a.m so I can indulge myself in physical exercise and weight lifting. I’ll admit it’s a brutal start when it’s dark and 24 degrees outside, but it’s also satisfying when I’m finished and ready to start the day. It helps to clear the mind, and it lays the foundation for the rest of my day. After the gym, I get home feeling good, but it gets harder by the end of the week as the lack of sleep piles up. The kids are usually waking up, so I prepare breakfast and get them ready for school or grandmom’s house. I typically pop open my computer around 7:00 to check emails and phone calls that I need to make. I also compile a list of tasks I’d like to complete and mark each one off as I go through the list throughout the morning.

I start the day by working on projects that need immediate attention. For example, yesterday I fixed a product display issue with a client’s catalog, and I worked on a section of our company website that we are overhauling. I devote a large chunk of my day, reaching out to prospects, partners, and business leads, so I attempt to finish much the “computer” work first, though it often doesn’t work out that way as an emergency can pop up any time.

Before lunch, I start calling people. Many are cold calls, and others are to clients or leads. The cold calls are tough. When it gets to me, I break it up by working on something else, or I’ll take my dog for a walk. I have a pit bull mix named Rosa and try to walk her at least twice a day. It’s an effective way to clear my head, and it gets her exercise.

I often interact with my co-worker Jeremy Friedman to review leads or companies using e-Procurement. We evaluate to see if a company is a good fit for our services or may need supplier enablement support. We also go over marketing ideas and goals. Some of the tools we use include Salesforce and LinkedIn. Both platforms are excellent at sourcing leads and managing the information. Greenwing Technology operates in a B2B niche servicing suppliers and distributors, so locating these businesses is a process that takes time.

In the afternoon, I typically schedule meetings and will go through another round of phone calls. For example, I have a partnership discussion scheduled with an e-Commerce company. This firm integrates a popular e-Commerce solution that we connect to, so I want to learn more about their services and if there is potential synergy between our companies. I also have a call scheduled with a sourcing manager at a large company using e-Procurement that is having issues enabling vendors. Every day has its challenges, but I enjoy what I do and like being apart of a great team and could not ask for anything more. We all play an important role and work together to make Greenwing Technology a great company.