Greenwing vs. The Competition

Please check out the competition and compare us. There is no comparison in our enterprise level service and products.

Greenwing Technology Our Competitors
100% Punchout Compatibility – over 100 e-Procurement Platforms 1-2 common platforms
Over 15 years of Punchout Catalog and eProcurement Experience
That’s per person, not the entire company!
Maybe their 1st or 2nd Integration
Secure Cloud-based environment Traditional servers with no redundancy
cXML Purchase Order Included Extra $$ or Not Available
cXML Invoicing Included Extra $$ or Not Available
Level II Punchout (Item or Isle Level) What’s level II Punchout?
Punchout/eProcurement Training for your sales team Extra $$ or not available
Access to our list of 2000+ organizations using eProcurement Not Available
Level 3 P-Card / Ghost Card Invoicing What’s a P-Card?
Hosted Catalog Setup (FREE!) Extra $$ or Not Available
Pricing and Availability Not Available
ERP/Financial System Integration Not Available
User Favorites Extra $$ or Not Available
Standing Orders Extra $$ or Not Available